About the Books

Journey of Sea, Heart, and Land

This is a common story that could happen to anyone. Or so I thought. At least, I want to believe that. And yet I can’t wait to narrate it.

Every night, I have the same vision.

It’s always that cloudy and implacable dream, to which, however, I’ve gotten used to it. I find myself swimming in the middle of the ocean; smiling to the point of spasm; kicking with arms and legs without thinking if that was really possible; and feeling how the strange tickles of the saltwater reached my face and even the inside of my nails and how I could see the little blessed fish in the water through the glass of my lens and my small pupils.

What a feeling of freedom! Only the burning power of the omnipresent sun on your skin can compare to this euphoria. And all the water falling on my arms and legs with the softness of a pillow. But before you activate your precious imagination, dear reader, they were not as big as I thought. Was a kid.

And in front, there were a couple of people I didn’t even have time to recognise—immediately.

And then it’s time to wake up! And getting up, obviously.


In the mystical world of Multiria, an evil and powerful entity, known as Rogius, threatens the peace of the kingdoms, which is already fragile. For this task, a young warrior princess, called Tina of Sirigia, a kingdom inhabited by breeds of half-humans, half-demons, is tasked to defeat Rogius and his army of darkness, with an ancient weapon called the Sun Sword. On her travels, she will be with her childhood friend, Cezanne of Terrania, and a disgraced noble, Rodion Dragao, and together, they will travel all over Multiria, gathering friends and reuniting the next generation of warriors and protectors of Multiria – The New Chosen Ones.